Bacharéis Charming House


The Bacharéis Charming House is a corollary of the shared interest and respect for the heritage and the inner lives of the spaces. Looking at Figueira da Foz’s historical center, specifically its architectural, urban, historical, and social richness but also its unfortunate progressive desertification, our aspiration to create a distinguished tourism offer for the city was clear. It was evident that any investment in the hospitality sector should be in the town’s historical center, favoring rehabilitation instead of a new building. Our project was intended to contribute to the revival of the city’s historical center through the promotion of an all-year-round hotel unit, but doing so through the intrinsic richness of the building, the accommodation options tailored to the customer, and the promotion of the local region.

Bacharéis Charming House


Once the building that could accommodate the house’s design was located – 10, Rua de São Julião, a multidisciplinary team was assembled, composed of an architect, Alane de Holanda, and a historian, Francisco Queiroz dedicated exclusively to studying the property and its conversion in a hotel. The result – due to the richness of what History bequeathed and the uniqueness of the building’s facade, exceeded every expectation and the result is ours, yours, and the city's. We look forward to your visit.

With different personal and academic paths, the Balsas Abreu brothers join our family business, Cevadas – Casa das Carnes do Ervedal, for the production of high-quality traditional sausages.
As the ultimate representative of Quiaios Chorizo traditional confection, the company became interested in preserving memory, methods, and traditional techniques, promoting, with the help of the community, the dissemination, knowledge, and revival of a unique sausage- an authentic produce from a unique landscape.
This is how Viva Doce was born, in the town of Ervedal, a bakery and grocery store that has the best regional products: Figueira’s Sea Salt, sausages from Quiaios, regional sweets, and pastries from the towns of Louriçal and Alhadas, and canned fish, sweets and honey, native to the region.