They once called it the “Story Incubator”, having “walls that tell tales ”and chests that overflow with secrets…
Bacharéis Charming House was born from an exciting project, the rehabilitation of a building constructed in 1878. This house, with much history, now gains a new life to accommodate our guests looking to discover Portugal’s Central Region coast with all the comfort they deserve. During their stay, the house will also show our guests, glimpses of its former residents’ history as well as that of our town, Figueira da Foz!
The decor is incredibly sober, providing a feeling of cosiness and belonging. The main architectural features of the building have been carefully preserved and features of its original construction can be seen.
Here, every detail matters, from the tiles found in the kitchen that now decorate the breakfast room, to the delicately worked plaster ceilings, and the rigorous selection of regional products that make up the delicious breakfast.
This is ours and yours Bacharéis Charming House, an exciting place to discover in the heart of Figueira da Foz! Welcome!
Exquisitely Crafted for Life Lovers!